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A child’s mind can be controlled easily, just like a puppet on strings.

Marinette is an adventure horror game about a girl who gets trapped in a surreal world that takes on the shape of dollhouse that holds many mysteries. In her journey she will meet different friends and foes while trying to survive.

Will she escape alive in time for her birthday?


“A little girl named Marinette, in the wake of a splitting family and a change of homes, is having a birthday. But this, her eleventh birthday, will present a deadly opportunity to fulfill a special promise.On the night before her birthday, she is drawn into a strange realm; an unnatural dollhouse, populated with dolls who are not quite what they seem.

A web of strings lying in wait, and threatening to ensnare the poor marionette; warping her perception, and twisting her every move. Will the strings attach, and force her to become an unwilling puppet, or will she escape this surreal web of strings? What will she have to do to avoid the dangers of the dollhouse, and set herself free?”

The Demo is out! Please enjoy!

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The project is in active development, we hope you'll enjoy it when it comes out!


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MarinetteDemo1.6.3_MAC.zip 538 MB
MarinetteDemo1.6.3_Spanish_MAC.zip 540 MB
MarinetteDemo1.6.3.zip 407 MB
MarinetteDemo1.6.3_Spanish.zip 815 MB

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Played the demo! It was really cute! Keep up the good work! 

Interesting nice little game!

Hey I played your demo, as Itch recommended it to me and it was fantastic for just a demo. Can't wait for the full release if ya'll are still working on it and best of luck with whatever! Here's my playthrough for anybody that wants to check out it out - 

Hi, my name is Denice and I´´'m from El Salvador. I´'m a professional translator and I´'m  studying Video Game Localization. I´'m interested in this game and I want to know  if you would like to translate this game into Spanish. I would like to gain experience in this field and participate in the project if possible. Since I don't see any email, I wrote to you here in the comments.

Hello, Denice, we really appreciate the offer!

However, the game has already been translated to Spanish!

Thank you, have a great day!

-Mitty, lead dev of Marinette

Super excited for the full release! The visuals and story so far are amazing!

OMG i love this game.

how do i get past the door while also trying to get past the confetti thing?! i keep pressing c but keep failing! help!


You just gotta keep trying faster! You've got this!

a)how fast?! b)NOT HELPFUL! c)provide more concrete details in game


a) faster;

b) git gud m8;

c) maybe in the final game we will make it easier or?? even more obvious? It literally says what key to press and you've done it before with a pot. 

and d) people got through this part without any help, sounds like a skill issue really;

Cheers and good luck on the quick time event!


all it says is press c, i even button mash but fail

download the Spanish or English version

Se tiver interesse, eu vou fazer gameplay traduzindo para o português do Brasil no meu canal (GAMES DO TITIO). Belo jogo e arte!

Damn, this is a demo? It's an absolute masterpiece!